Friday, 25 October 2013

The Post Where We're All Cripplingly Disappointed

Alright, Denise section! Finally!

I haven't even taken any notes during this section. My only note would have been "Whelp, Denise sucks, too." Disappointed? Yes. Surprised? No.

(So many f-word gifs in this readalong for me. Sorry, Mom and Dad. It's Alley's fault.)

We're reading(along) The Corrections, and it's providing solid evidence that reading anything can be fun if you do it with the right people. That being said, I have not finished the reading for this week.

Quick, I need a distraction...

Thanks, guys.

I am at the part where Denise is at Robin's garden and just got around her guilt for almost banging Brian by telling his Robin she's a lesbian. I hate Denise's whole attitude around not banging Brian. Like she's a feminist icon for not doing him. Like she's done this great thing for Robin, and Robin should be grateful. The whole thing is gross.

Speaking of gross, the entire episode of Denise with the older man at her summer job. Just, what. No. Stop.

But tell me more about Robin's psychopathic brother. I was liking his story. He crazy. And I always love foodtalk, so I'm liking hearing about Denise trying to think up food that will work in this spectacular venue.

This is a super scattered post that doesn't say anything. At least it's posted on time? No? Please accept this thing I found that's not about this book but is still super appropriate by way of an apology:

(From American Chickens)

Friday morning update: I've read up to the Chip/Denise emails and I'm not so mad at her now.


  1. I think I would have hated Denise a lot more if I had quit reading around the point you first stopped reading. Because yeah, I like her even though I think she makes lots of bad decisions. I mean, I like her better than the other characters, so you know, low standards.

    Warning though, there's another Chip part in this section and he still sucks.

    1. No one wants you around Chip. Denise is the best of the kids, certainly.

  2. I enjoy this comic strip very much. Yes. Even though I remember liking Freedom better than this...

    The food talk WAS good! It was. Not everything is annoying and ARGH-filled! Yay!

    1. Food talk makes everything better. Even sauerkraut talk.

  3. I want to know what you think of Denise after you've finished her section... I ended up simultaneously liking her but thinking she's an idiot.

    And that comic is 100% true.

    1. I have now finished the section and YUP. Exactly. I really liked the email where she flamed Chip. She's all confused right now, but I think she could eventually not be dumb. I have hope.

  4. Bless whoever did that comic. It is so relevant.

    So I obvs hate Denise, but man I did enjoy the parts about food. She definitely made me hungry, even if sauerkraut isn't my thing. It made me want to get in the kitchen and just make stuff.

  5. Haha! Okay, so, I won't be reading this book. Apparently Franzen's books are as unlikable as he is purported to be. There's a surprise. I applaud you for getting through any of it.

    M aka Backlist Books


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