Friday, 20 July 2012

It's the Little Things

Today was Print Proof Day at the magazine I work at, when our printer sends us giant pieces of paper with 8 pages of the magazine on each piece, and we proof it to make sure we say Porsches and not Porches.

Left to right: our Art Director, Managing Editor, and me.
This was taken a couple months ago, but it was the same deal today.
I figure it's cool to post this because we've already posted it on our Facebook page.  

It is my favourite of days. I feel way more A Part Of It All than when I'm answering the phones and making bank deposits (though I understand those things are important, too). And today, today was exceptionally good. Today's a landmark day, folks. A day that'll stick out in memory even when I have someone answering the phones for me. 

Because they're letting me write things now! It's a little thing, a one-pager (one-paragrapher, in fact), but it's a thing I write! With, of course, a great deal of help from our benevolent Managing Editor. And it wasn't even the piece itself that got me so excited 
 it was the Table of Contents. I'm in the Table of Contents! Right in there with people who are real writers!

Most everyone I tell that I want to be an editor thinks I mean I really want to be a writer but I'll edit to pay the bills. Each time I have to assure them that, no, really, editing is my jam. But given how excited I'm getting over this little thing ... Well, who knows.


  1. You, madame, know what's up.

    I get the "editor-really-means-failed-writer" treatment from people all the time (one acquaintance actually told me I was wasting my potential JUST editing when I could be CREATING). But I'm totally fulfilled by my work lurking in the shadows, quietly pulling the writer's puppet strings (POWERRRRRR)...and that's why E.B. White's quote about editors being writers who don't NEED to write inspired my blog.

    That being said, when I was forced AGAINST MY WILL to do some reporting for my journalism degree and saw my byline printed over the articles I poured my introverted little heart into...THAT was an amazing feeling. You can be an editor to the core and still get a thrill from seeing your name in print. So good for you, I say!

    1. You are the greatest. That is EXACTLY right. I would far rather spend my days editing than writing, but it's nice to get a little thrill like that after completing something that made me so nervous. Still working toward that mega-thrill of seeing my name in print as part of an editorial team, but we'll get there!

      You have got to put that E.B. White quote on you business card or something, because it is too great. Maybe custom t-shirts and coffee mugs...

    2. I'm always paranoid that the "editors know more about writing than writers do" part will be offensive to ALL writers. E.B. clearly didn't care about being diplomatic with his wording, God love him.

    3. Oh yeeeaaah, I did not think that through. Stick to the coffee mugs.

  2. I'm so glad Meg's here to offer real advice/helpful comments, because I'm here to say "YAYYYYYY MAGAZINE THIIIIINGS!"

    This is super-neato. And look! There you are! *points*

    1. This comment is ALSO helpful. In fact, I'm going to yell "YAYYYYYY MAGAZINE THIIIIINGS!" everytime I walk in the office this week. I may get fired for enthusiasm overload, but it'll be totally worth it.


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